Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recent Buys ъ(`―^)

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share some stuff that I got this past week. Most of them from the day that I went to AM2, but some from before.

I've always seen those My Beauty Diary Masks in the shops that I go to but I've never actually really used masks before (>∇<;) so I decided, well - why not. I'll try this, so I got myself one box of the variety packs. One of the main reasons why I actually got it though is because of the packaging. Alice in Wonderlaand!!! ❤❤ Adorable isn't it?!!

I've used like three masks from there and I must say, I do love the results I'm getting. My skin is much smoother and brighter. I probably should've done individual reviews of each face mask, but I've never used face masks in my life before so I really have nothing to compare them to. Perhaps I will start though since I do really like the results and will continue to use them.

I also got Hello Kitty Nails! These were all found in Cosmeland.

Next, I found these gorgeous tops for summer from my excursion over at AM2. They were pretty decently priced! So I was happy~ ❤

Then, after AM2, we went to Costa Mesa and visited the Marukai in the area and I found this~

Was sooo sooo happy to get another Ageha magazine☆ミ 
They even have a small page on nose contouring which I found really helpful.

Well, stay cool in this summer heat dears!!

❤ Mei

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