Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teeerrriiibbllle haaiiirrr

Hey~ this is Mei,

Hahaha, so I haven't been posting lately mainly due to the fact that I had a hair-dye disaster (=∇=;|||) I was careless with the dye so my hair turned orange (*´д`*) I was depressed for like a weeeek. I fixed my hair yesterday though! So I'm feeling so much better. 

We had a scheduled blackout yesterday from 9:00 AM -3:00 PM so Rina, Kinu, and I went over to the block to chill ъ(`―^)

Before going over, we went to this one cafe called... Veronese? It's actually a house turned into a cafe! So homey and cozy~ and they have paintings and potteries displayed inside~! 

Kimchi Ramen!

This was all at the Veronese Cafe. ❤ Such a pretty place.

Hahaha this is like the only picture I took at the Block

Mmmmm chicken. Hahahaha (>∇<;)


Before I killed my hair and locked myself up in my room for a week, I went to the park with a friend of mine. It was such a pretty day, so I took this picture 

So much green and glowiness huh? Makes me happy (>∇<;)

And I leave with a picture of me and my dear Kuromi ❤ 

❤ Mei


  1. im a new follower, i have to say you looks so pretty!

    and the cafe looks super comfy :> we have many cafe here also that looks like just a house, but let it not trick u, they have the best food around town <3

  2. awww that place looks really cool!!!! and u look cute as always my dear~ miss you!;)

  3. ☆ Yapo: Aw thanks!! It was suuuupper comfy love love loove the atmosphere in those types of places. ❤

    ☆Michi: It was an awesome place, I miss you too Michiii!!!


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