Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nails, Nails... and more Nails!

Hey guys it's Mei, so recently, I've been obsessing over the marine style hahaha (>∇<;)

So I've been looking for nails in that theme. I'll probably get them done when my new contacts come in. My contacts are actually just about expired, so I'm currently feeling naked without contacts. (*゜―゜)

Planning to get the green Bambi Series lens

I'm excited~~!!!

Anywayyyyss - onto nails!
Here are several eye candies that I'm planning to use as inspiration

Maybe a mixture of all the above? Hahaha

Here are a few others that are non-marine style, but I love them nonetheless and am actually considering for inspiration...

They're cute aren't they? 

This last picture that I found was just really cool, hahaha. So I thought I'd share it for you guys 

It's like... nail armor? So awesome.

❤ Mei


  1. Oh so pretty! And I love the lenses in the first pictures *_*

  2. Yay, get the green circle lens. I quite like mine.

  3. God wish I could make nails like that! I will buy some fake soon then :D
    I rally liked the fourth picture:D

  4. Do you ship in Europe these lovely nails or any accessories? :D


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