Monday, May 9, 2011

Back!!!! (・◇・) & Disney Gals ☆~

Hello loves!!~~ Mei here (=゜ω゜)ノ

Finally! School's out! And I'm done with finals, haha. Did around three all nighters altogether, but HEY!! That's the life of a college kid, right? We were BORN to do that. (>∇<;) I'm pretty sick now though, cold, sore throat - lost my voice, and coughing. Ewwwww, pretty epic battle scars. But they're legit final's battle scars, hahaha.

Anyways, I'm supposed to owe you guys a make-up tutorial, so be expecting one soon. I will be doing a summer look~!

Since I was out for a few weeks, there were a looooottttttt of things that happened. So! I will take my time and update you guys heehee. ☆ミ

So three weeks ago, Rina and I went to Disneyland with a few of our lovies! The theme was black, red, yellow, and white - so it was pretty much Mickey/Minnie themed! For those of you who know me personally, you guys know that I'm such a Disney freak~ ❤ I used to want to be a Disney princess when I grew up, hahaha.

Without further ado, I present to you pictures of our Disney excursion~ (゜∇゜)

Here's Rina and I! She dyed her hair black (・◇・) and she said she no longer really wants to dress gal-style. She said she's too lazy, hahaha, but she'll still be around on the blog ❤

So cute, but one of the MOST USELESS DISNEY PRINCESSES!! I mean, she sleeps like half the movie. But... she's still incredibly gorgeous, can talk to animals , and has this magnificently epic singing voice... much like all the other Disney princesses.

With Leah~ she's so sweet.

With Val~ this girl is gorgeoouuss. See her blog here! ☆

With the adorable Michi ❤ here's her blog.

The lovely Courtney~. Poor girl lost her jacket while we were walking around (*゜―゜)

Val and I~! Teacups!! Gotta love my messy hair. 

This one is from Michi's camera. I stole it off her facebook because we just look cute. ❤

Oh no! In jail!
I didn't know I was covering Leah's face (*゜―゜) Sorry dear!!

On our way to meet Mickey! Too bad I don't have any of the Mickey pictures. 

With Pooh bear! He was so cute! ❤

Pixie Hollow!! The tiny little fairy towns, boats, and houses never fail to impress me.

With Cass and Tricia. Don't know if Cass has a blog, but here is Tricia's.

From right to left: Courtney, George, Tricia, Steph, Val, and Michi.

Disneyland's gorgeous at night, no? Rina and I split off from the group to snag benches for the fireworks show.

This place is so magical, like seriously. (●´―`●) ❤ Rina and I watched the fireworks with Tricia and George and Kinu, who joined us around 9 - right before the fireworks started. Afterwards, we shimmied over to grab seats for Fantasmic. I HAAAAAADD TO SEE THE NEW DRAGON!!!! 


I had such an incredible time and had so much fun with the ladies... and 2 men, hahaha! Thanks to all who planned the outing. Michi brought us all little goodie bags with nail polish and chocolate. Which by the ways, was pretty epic chocolate. Also special thanks to Mie 「blog here」for reserving and grabbing the tickets for us. It made me sad that you didn't get to go (*゜―゜).

Well, that's all for now sooooooo

T.T.F.N - tata for now~
❤ Mei


  1. Hey girl im so glad you had fun!!!!! um but i must correct you.. Aurora does not sleep through half of the movie ^^; its really only the ending part where she hits the spindle~ LOL just had to put that out there.

    Anyways no problem about the tickets! Thanks to your sister her paid on time I appreciate her making it easier for me. And the reason I didn't go... thats a whole other story for a whole other day babe >_>

  2. Oh no! Really? Hahaha, I thought that was like halfway through the movie. My baaad, (>∇<;) I need to rewatch that movie. Along with all the old ones. Dude, you know? I realized, I've never watched Pinocchio the whole way through. I think I only watched the second half of it and parts of the beginning. (・◇・)

    I hope we get to meet soon then! Missed you! ❤

  3. T___T I miss Disneyland, and America in general.

    Great phootos! and wow, Rina's got black hair! :D

  4. Nice to have you gals back~! ^w^ So cutee<3 You must had a fun day! (:

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  6. Looks so fun, I'm jealous!

  7. Yay for being done with school! I still have a little less than a month to go... T__T

    And awww, I miss that day so much!! You and your sis are so fun to hang out with. And it was so nice of you to save seats for the fireworks~ Good times!! ♥ We gotta meet up again soon 'cause I miss youuu

  8. ☆ Sophie: AMERICA MISSES YOU TOO HONAAYY!!~~❤ and well, Rina's trying to change her hair color again. She's pretty ADD with hair coloring, hahaha.

    ☆ Wen: Awww, it's definitely great to be back, I missed blogging (*゜―゜). Thanks so much ❤ we definitely did have lots of fun!

    ☆ Wynter Chan: Hahaha, it is really cute!

    ☆ Crysta: Aww, it was so much fun! (>∇<)

    ☆ In Palace: Thanks dear ❤

    ☆ Tricia: I knooww! I'm so excited now that I'm done with school.

    Dude that was an epic daayyy it was so fun!! I also had so much fun hanging out with both you and George hahaha! And it's no problem, I get tired easily, so I was more than happy to save seats (・w・) We should meet up again soon!! We live so far from each other though!! We'll figure something out ❤ Miss you too giirl!


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