Tuesday, May 10, 2011

❤ 21st Birthday ❤

Hi guys~~!! Tis Mei here. 

So, April 22, was my birthday, and so now I'm 21. Hurrayy. Legal!

Two of my friends, Sean and Ben wanted to take me out for my first drink. 
Soooo come 11:30 P.M. , we left for B.J's, but we found out that the bar closed early that night. 
Soo, we left for TGI Fridays. I had no idea they had a karaoke thing there, hahaha! I wouldn't mind going again sometime soon just to karaoke, because when we got there, after I reserved a song, they stopped. Made me sad (*゜―゜) 

It's okay though, I had plenty of fun chilling with the guys. 
So, Sean ordered me a Long Island Iced Tea. Tasted like it had the wet socks/smelly feet/bad B.O aroma. The aroma... (so no, I've never actually tasted wet socks, smelly feet, and well... body odor........ if that's even really possible to consume...?) So, Sean helped me with a little bit of it hahaha. Just a little, I mean it would be rude if I just made him help me finish it. 

The next day, I went to go visit Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica with a couple of friends. Apparently, they planned this and wanted to originally surprise me hahaha. But like, there were complications because Rina and Kinu wanted to take me drinking, so they ended up telling me so we could figure things out, hahaha. They're all so sweet ❤ 

I've only been to the Promenade only once, and that was during the Hello Kitty event that I went to with Jaz, Rina, Fiona, and Kinu. Even then, I only spent around 30 mins? So, I told Jaz that I would love to come back here someday to have fun with everyone! She remembered! Hahaha (>∇<;)

Creepy ftw!!

These were hanging on the ceiling of a store we went to. Looks so cooool doesn't it?!!

And Make-up for the day

Tis all.

❤ Mei


  1. Yay 21 ^o^ and you look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS as usually so jealous of your make up skills v.v you look like such a freak'n model

  2. Happy Birthday~~! I think you look totally gorgeous & cute too! <3 Keep rocking gal <3

  3. Yay Happy Birthday dear! I think 21 is a big birthday for most people (I don't care since I don't drink haha!) It looks like a great day and your makeup/hair was looking beautiful as always!!

  4. ☆ Mie: Aw thanks girl! (>∇<)

    ☆ Wen: Thankies~~!


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