Monday, May 16, 2011

New Stuffs!

Hi loves this is Mei,

I thought that I might post a few of the things that I've gotten recently. 

First I'll start with my favorite favorite perfume!!! ヽ(´―`)ノ

Versace Bright Crystal ❤❤

Next up, I found these babies over at Forever 21 ❤ not as decorated as I would like for it to be, but I think I can work around that and add stuff here and there. They also have blanks with just the gradient included.

I haven't tried out these shadows yet, also got them at Forever 21. I thought I'd get some sparklies since I've got a lot of matte colors.

Highlighter included!

Clothing-wise, I have several stuffs, but I'm actually in the process of cleaning my room, so I pulled everything out of everywhere to reorganize and so now it's hard to get to some of my clothes.

BUT!! I got a package in the mail today
from Rakuten's Yumetenbo shop.

It only took a week~ so I'm happy.

I ordered this pink onepiece from their Diable Baiser line. 

Cuuute isn't it? It's comfortable too (゜∇゜)


They included a little pamphlet inside the package. It's not much, but I thought that I might share it anyways.
Click it to make it bigger! (・w・)

Well, that's all for now~ have a great rest of the day! (・w・)

❤ Mei


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