Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Streets 2 Opening

Whoooo!! Long time no blog!! School's been bogging me down with work (*゜―゜) such sad life. Anywaysss!! I have pictures from the Sweet Street 2 Opening Exhibition~

This was my little outfit. Top from Makiko Online Shop

And here's my makeup


These are the four beautiful ladies I hung out with. ❤ They were so sweet~!

This is Julie ❤

I can't remember her name (;´д⊂)... 

Here's a group of the lolitas 

Outside the place~!!

Me and Michi


Inside the place!!~~~

Love love loooove her shoes

Here's Val! ❤ BIG BIG BIIIG thank you for bringing me out!!! 

Thanks to Michi's flash from her camera, Miki and I were able to take a picture that is actually bright!!

My food for the night!!! I have no idea why but I was extremely full even before eating... maybe it was the boba. 

Unfortunately, I was still recovering from sickness, so my throat was still getting better from the swelling it suffered. Regardless, I still had loads of fun!! Another thing I was really sad about was the pictures!! Some of them were extremely blurry or waay too dark to see. Big black masses are not cool (;´д⊂) I did the best I could with brightening some of the pictures so they could actually be seen.

❤ Mei

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  1. Ok so good stuff :)I really like the art that was there. The pictures with the super long necks was kind of freaky but still really cool. I think you should paint/ draw something to contribute :) Oh and the lady in the heelless shoes... Epic I wonder how long it took her to get used to walking in those haha :)


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