Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gals and Glasses

Girls with a sight impairment (like me) and are into Gal typically want to use circle lens in order to accentuate the eyes, and some girls have a hard time being able to obtain them. However, NEVER FEAR! All you ladies out there with terrible sight can still be Gal and wear glasses. It just really depends on the look that you guys are going for and finding the right glasses to work with your face and style. 

Disclaimer: Scans are from 

Here you can see Sakurina sporting different glasses and matching them with her different coordinates.

This is a small guide to glasses and face types. On the very left you have nairo-ru glasses - or glasses with a "half-frame". Next to that, they show you the Wellington glasses. Then we have the square glasses - and finally oval. Unfortunately that's about as far as they went with face type and glasses compatibility. 

So circle lens, although very staple for the gyaru look, can be exchanged for glasses for all you girls out there having difficulty obtaining them. Or if you have plano lens, a pair of fake glasses wouldn't hurt to complete your look every now and then ъ(`―゜)

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