Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey hey!~ It's Mei~~! Sorry for not having written for a while. I have been busy moving all my stuff to my new apartment-dorm. I have wonderful new roommates. I have to be honest - at first I was soo worried that I might end up with annoying catty girls, but hey I got lucky. So let's hope this will be a great year! (・w・)

Here's my outfit for moving my stuff in. I wanted to wear something that I could easily move around while carrying boxes of stuff. 

Headbow: My mum's bandanna 
Top: Little Tokyo
Necklace: Small shop in San Diego
Shorts: Indonesia
Bracelet: Indonesia 


This is what Grace and my room looked like when I first came in. TIIINYYY!!!
Hey look it's Ray!

Day after we moved in I slept over at Jaz's place so here's my look for that day. I couldn't take a picture of the whole outfit - I was in a rush:

We went to go visit Round 1 to see if we could win the Hello Kitty for Rina (she was in a bad mood the day before)

There are a lot of crane game noobs in there who don't know crane game ettiquette. Pissed me off. On top of that - the place is pretty overpriced.

We didn't get the Hello Kitty (because of some idiot dude...) and so we decided to walk around instead. Look at the bag we found at Cosmeland!~ It's so cute! Hello Kitty dressed up as her friends (・w・)

After the mall, we went to Will's house to pick him up for dinner... and I got to meet his bears he bought from Costco. (=∇=;|||) They're bigger than me...

This is where we ate for dinner. MAKI & SUSHI!! Ψ(`∇´)Ψ Never ate there before, but it had some pretty gooood food.

Jaz's sister's Edamame. (>∇<;)

My Salad~ with peanut dressing sauce. It's AWESOME if you want a sweeter flavor on your salad. 

Chirashi!~ It was so much!!! I had to take home half of it. But it was sooo goood!!

These shrimp heads came with mine and Jaz's order of the Chirashi. I had to look away when I was eating it. It was looking at me... and I couldn't eat the eyes.

If you guys ever go there go get the Lobster Roll. It's the BEST sushi I'd ever eaten.


One of the reasons why I am totally sucking at updating is this:

I had been SO obsessed with recording covers, and I'm actually currently working on Little Mermaid 3's I Remember.

Aside from that, I've uploaded two new ones, I'll update them in my Music page. Check it out~ 

❤ Mei

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  1. i look like such a friggin creeper in that pic lol


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