Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend with Clare ❤

Mei here~~~☆

This past weekend, I kidnapped Clare from the school and brought her home with me, hahaha. 

We were hunting for stuff to match her clothes - she wanted to go for a Gal look for Halloween so she asked me to help her. (・w・) I had loooads of fun shopping!! But now I can't spend anymore money, hahahaha. 

I took her to the Diamond Plaza area (゜∇゜)

I didn't know the Strawberry one was good! I've only had the original since I was a kid, and I'd been too scared to try the other flavors. 

Trying wigs~! I actually like this clip in.

Full wig? 

Love Potion #6, one of the most refreshing drinks evaarrrr. 

She ended up getting that bow ☆〜

Frisco's!!!! (゜∇゜) 

Sean and Bobby ❤ hadn't seen them for so long. I miss them


Krispy Creme hang out~

Bobby really looks like he's eating the railing.


Had an aaawwweeesome weekend. Oh!~ and on top of shopping. I've also recorded another cover:

Part of Your World - Little Mermaid~~

❤ Mei

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  1. Looks like someone had a fun weekend :) glad you had such a great time :) I liked the picture of the full wig on Clare. Good stuff. Oh and I love the cover :D


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