Thursday, September 1, 2011

SPLASH!! Ψ(`∇´)Ψ

Helluuu loves!

This past Saturday we had Splash! a music/DJ/Club event over at Circus Disco

Twas my first clubbing experience, hahaha (>∇<;) and I must say I had fun! My friend Josh and I met up with Steph while we were waiting outside. She couldn't get inside the place because she didn't have an ID on her (°_。) so after Josh and I got in, we tried to lend her my ID but it didn't work (≧д≦). uberfailness (・・;)

This was the place! It looked so tiny from the outside, and very circus-ey hahaha!

 Insiiide, there were food stands!! 

 My friend Josh and I went for the Takoyaki~ ❤ it was pretty good!

 Then we met up with Michi, Cici, Hiromi, Chynna, and Tricia


From Michi's fb and camera, Tricia, Cici, and I all wore the same nails from F21 (>∇<;)


 Here's Josh pimpin' it with all of us ladies, ahaha!

Outfit pictures (taken after the event, so I'm kind of dead and my hear died too (>∇<;) ):


It was so great seeing Michi and Tricia again and it was definitely a pleasure to meet Josh (yup, there was someone else there named Josh! Hahaha! Coincideeeence!), Cici, Hiromi, and Chynna and to remeet Frank o(TヘTo) I'm so terrible, I forget sometimes whether I met someone, but like I've seen their face somewhere before OTL my failness... I try though!!

Hope to see you all again soon!! 

❤ Mei

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