Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last post I said I was going to post pictures of the clothes I've purchased from Heaven Sky and Makiko Online, and here they are~

From Makiko, I've purchased these two clothes which I found absolutely adorable ❤


The top on the left side is a Ma*rs top and I really love the lace and pink florals. The one on the left - I'm not quite sure of the brand, but I really love the gold chain attached to the ribbons that go behind your neck. I wanted the black and pink one, but I don't have too many pink accessories to go with it.

From Heaven Sky, I bought this blue floral print dress:

I didn't have too many blue in my closet, so I decided to maybe add another blue piece to keep the other lonely blue top I have some company (^◇^;). 

I plan to wear the dress with this one vest I bought from Generation Y:

It was so funny, I bought the vest, but the cashier forgot to remove the large, grey, bulky security sensor. So... I came home with the vest, sensor still attached. I had to return the next day to get it removed, otherwise, people would wonder about whether or not I shoplifted the vest, haha... 


Anyways, my aunt and uncle went to Japan to visit my aunt's mother and sister so they decided to buy my sister and I two Ranzuki magazines. Yaaay~ I've never bought Ranzuki before - I've looked through some of them, but I'd never thought of buying them. I've always stuck to buying 小悪魔ageha. So looking through Ranzuki is a good change. 

The styles are much less sexy and well... I guess overall it has a more youthful approach to the fashion.

Another thing is - it has is a LOT of tutorials. I mean, one of the magazines was like tutorial upon tutorial upon tutorial. They are for make-up and hair, both. The makeup is much more simpler than I am used to doing it, and the hair is so much less... hmmm... flamboyant I suppose. It just has a much more natural feel.

So, I decided that maybe I should give the make up style a try and I went out and bought a pack of DollyWink lashes. It burned holes in my pockets but... well... I thought they might be a good investment. 

and I might try them on tonight. Pictures will be posted if and when I do make the attempt.


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  1. ok so that black dress is super cute. If i were a girl lol i'd wear it ALOT lol


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