Sunday, January 17, 2010

This past week my roomie and I had a little Takoyaki party... with a side of コロッケ

これが my decorated たこ焼き

These are the ones decorated by my friend Arie and Melissa (・w・)
The one on the top right corner of the plate is the コロッケ 「I'm totally not sure of the English spelling... korokke? Croquette? I think it's Croquette...」

Later, we had more people show up. Thank goodness I had made a lot of batter... had a lot of leftover batter in the morning, so I used that for food the next day, hahaha.

Anyways, I'm sick... my throat hurts and I've been coughing... I want it gooone. I feel like I'm croaking, I want to just stick a backscratcher down my throat and scratch at it. (*´д`*)

Oh well. For now, ciao~ (´ε`)


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